Advice from students for future students

As we are nearing the end of another semester, I asked my students to write a paragraph or two offering advice to future students who will be taking this ethics course; in turn, when I meet with a new batch of students, I will share with them the advice offered by former students — here is what one class had to offer:

Advice from former students of ethics for those taking introduction to ethics: theory and application———-

  1. “To all students taking ethics with Roger. His teaching style is very different from the passive learning you most likely have experienced in the past. I think as long as you put some effort into participating in class or homework, you will do well. His classes are engaging and will most definitely make you reflect on your views as a person in our society. Make sure you come to class, submit your assignments, and you will benefit the most out of the energy invested.”

2. “To those taking this class with Roger, be honest with your thinking. Do not be reluctant to speak up when you disagree with someone; there is always room for another perspective; this class is filled with engaging discussions that challenge everyone’s thinking; and you can challenge others. This class was by far one of my favorite classes; I hope you will enjoy the class as much as I did; as an aside – when expressing your opinions, make sure you define all terms before solidifying your opinion.”

3. “Keep up with your work, and if you fall behind do not give up, work something out with the instructor; show up for class; this class is not rigid in its answers as right and wrong; it is about the big picture and asking questions.”

4. “My biggest bit of advice is do not be afraid to speak up in class for the sake of discussion. The class discussion promoted a more enjoyable class; the assignments are fairly easy; do not become discouraged with his teaching style—it works!”

5. “This class is not terribly difficult, but be aware of deadlines especially those before class itself; this class will challenge your thinking, but in a way that you will learn about ethics and making ethical decisions.”

6.“Advice: 1. Finish all of your assignments according to due dates; 2. Post your discussion responses a few days in advance; and 3. Do not be reluctant to speak up in class.”

7. “Write down due dates to prevent you from missing assignments; show up for class; ask questions, it is the best way to understand the material; this class really does matter about the important questions about life.”

8. “Do your reading of the chapter for class and be an active part of the discussion board as soon as possible; in your responses to others make sure your responses are developed and not just one liners; have fun and do not be reluctant to speak up in class.”

9. “Do what you are required to do, missing assignments can be problematic since the point values are substantial; learn from your mistakes; other than that, this class offers great insights, in part because of the way Roger teaches; he is so full of advice, insights, and valuable stories that it pays to attend class. I wish I knew what I know now at the beginning of class, I would be a lot better off.”

10. “Before you enter this class, be prepared to participate in discussions. There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer, but the discussions are always thought provoking. Finish your assignments and participate, and as long as you do this, you will do well. Roger is very easy to talk with, so do not be reluctant to ask him questions for clarification. You will learn what you already know, but now it is time to understand those thoughts and find out what they really mean for you.”

11. “Roger is like the cool wacky uncle we all have. He is funny, yet he can be very thought-provoking at the same time. My advice is complete your assignments with meaning and purpose. You will get out of this class what you put into it. Participate in discussions for the silence can be maddening.”

13. “I would recommend paying close attention to the due dates for your assignments which can affect your overall grade; attend class; and ask questions of clarification if you do not understand something.”

14. “Make sure you always have your assignments completed and submitted; pay attention to Roger, he is a great teacher who will challenge you to think; speak up in class, share your ideas and learn from others; Finally, you have signed up for a great class, have fun, for it is a great adventure.”


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