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Envelop Exercise, by Angela Hansen

A great assessment tool that can be used is called the Envelop Exercise. I use this activity in my class as a review. After I teach 8 sessions in my class, I provide students with the opportunity to review everything they have learned throughout the course. This helps the student understand what they really retained from the class and what they need to work on. Below are the supplies and instructions needed:

Supplies needed:

20 empty envelopes

20 slips of paper about 6 inches long by 3 inches height to fit in the envelop

Summary sheet numbered 1-20 (allowing for 2-3 spaces between each number so the student has room to write)


The instructor is to select 20 significant objectives that relate to the program outcomes for the course.

Type each objective in question format on the slip of paper.

Insert the slip of paper in the envelop and do not seal the envelop, just fold.

Write a number (from 1-20) on the envelop corresponding to the number indicated on your summary sheet.

Spread the 20 envelops on a desk for students to select one.

Have the student select one envelop at a time and go back to their desk to answer the question or statement.  After the student answers the question to one envelop the student needs to exchange the envelop with another student. All students need to answer all 20 questions in the 20 envelopes. Each student can take no more than one envelop at a time (this does get the student to walk around the room, stay engaged, and motivated to participate).

Have the student write the question or statement on their summary form on what the answer may be.

Review the answers as a class after all students complete the activity.

For those students that did not get the question or statement correct, this would be an opportunity to take those incorrect answers to the questions and develop a quiz the following week to reinforce what you have taught in your class.

SPARK this by giving a prize to the winner!

by Angela Hansen, SCM Instructor, Business and Info Technology Division, ext:2624