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Safety in Restraints

I find students learn better by seeing what you are talking about. There is a correct way and a wrong way to apply restraints. I have one side of the bed with restraints on the human simulator the wrong way. On the other side the bed and human simulator is the correct way. The students have to point out how the restraints are on the wrong way and then they have to explain why the restraints are on the other side are on the correct way. They are using evidence based rational in their explanations.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt The first day of clinical I give a tour of the facility but at the end of the day I have my students go on a scavenger hunt of all the locations they will need to know for clinical. The Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to prepare students for their first day of client care. Some ideas of locations to include in your Scavenger Hunt are in the attached form but each clinical site is different.

Infection Control Tag

To raise awareness of infection control I play tag with my students at clinical. If I notice a student break infection control such as throw  dirty linen on the floor I pass on to them the bug. (just a laminated cutout of a bug) They are it and now they watch the other students and occasionally their instructor break infection control and pass the bug on. At the end of clinical who ever has the bug gets a prize (hand sanitizer and candy…) for participating and being a good sport. A fun way to raise awareness of infection control.