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No Learner Left Behind

In the summer 2014, the process began to develop what has become the Living and Teaching Inclusively trainings (with Serving Inclusively coming soon). Funded through the Title III Grant, the intent was to have “teachers teaching teachers” on ways to reduce the success gaps that exist among whites and learners of color. This phenomenon is not unique to NWTC, but we devised a plan that has been come unique in a way as we are one of the first college’s that is requiring such training for all faculty and staff. Continue reading

Proactive vs. Reactive

In Living and Teaching Inclusively, we often discuss ways to be proactive in ways to engage and support all types of learners rather than being reactive to a situation or concern after it arises. As instructors, many of us can reflect on situations where we responded to a concern had by a learner and figured out ways to help them overcome a barrier. While this is great (and expected), we emphasize the importance of being proactive in creating learning environments that preempt (or at least reduce) issues before they occur.

This often takes the form of clearly stated policies in our syllabi and “getting-to-know-you” activities. These are proven ways to increase success by setting expectations early on in a course and better engaging learners by knowing them better and being more aware of how to help them individually. They will never eliminate all potential issues, but they are a great first step in reducing the likelihood of occurrence. Continue reading

“I am a horrible test taker!”

“I am a horrible test taker!”

We have all heard these words from learners. Some will tell us this before they have even taken the first exam in a course. Some will come to accept this as a fact before they even give themselves the chance to prove otherwise.

We can encourage them as we much as can. We can help them review as much as possible. We can administer tests in a manner that reduce anxiety and distraction as much as possible.

“Told you. I am a horrible test taker.” Continue reading