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Video taped classroom instruction

Hello everyone,

I’ve started to video tape all of my classroom instruction to improve my student success.  I’m using Camtasia Relay to record the video and audio of the classroom.  Camtasia Relay does a great job recording my SmartBoard screen with the hand written additions that I add to the SmartBoard as I’m instructing my class.  In addition, I use a Revolabs microphone that records my voice as I go through every classroom example.

By providing a video/audio of every class session, it allows my students the ability to review what we covered in class.  Not only has this been important to my students who missed that day, but it also has been beneficial to the students who were there and didn’t remember or didn’t have the time to write down what I was saying or doing.

Give it a try.  You are providing a secondary source of classroom instruction that gives every student a chance to be taught again without adding a lot of work to your already busy semester.