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Rethink Finals

The end of the semester is upon us. A season┬ámany students, and instructors, dread…final exam season. Over the last week, I have been thinking about the effectiveness of my exams. Not all, but many are your typical exam. I started to plan review games, worksheets, or outlines and thought, “Is this helping me know what they know?” Since then I have been on a mission to change the end of my semester.

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Why you should take a break


3 year olds have tasks too

As I stepped foot into the campus workout room for the first time in almost four years I wondered why it had been so long. Then I had a series of flashbacks (the scriptwriting instructor side of me wants to format my flashbacks properly for film, but I will refrain). I visualized my two small children and husband, a messy house, an infinitely long grading list, class prep work, an uneaten lunch, and a clock reading 1am. Now it all makes sense. Continue reading

Student’s don’t do Optional…but they will do Options

As an instructor and a student I know that optional work is not something I get excited about. Well, maybe I do because I have the choice to not do it and lighten my work load. From a student perspective, optional means it will not hurt my grade if I don’t do it. I have discovered that optional opens up a world of motivation. Continue reading