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Flipping Out in the Classroom

I teach in the Photography Program and have been developing 5-week-long, blended, 1-credit, specialty courses.  The hours for these courses are split half in-class and half online.  My challenge: How do I get the students to go from learning content to mastering content given a short period of time in the classroom? The answer:  Applying some of the philosophies and techniques of “Flipping the Classroom”.  Continue reading

5 in 5: Solving many classroom issues in just 5 minutes

Do you have a student who is a few minutes late every day?

Does your class take too long to get settled and ready to learn?

Do you want to get to know your students better and encourage more creative thinking?

I have created a quick, little activity that will address all of these common issues.  I call it the “5 in 5”.  It is inspired by educator/author Harry Wong who wrote the book Classroom Management.   This is how it works.

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