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Connecting Class & Clinical

Constructing nursing care plans can be a challenge to nursing students and is a required written assignment in all clinicals, especially in first semester. By collaborating with a colleague who is a primary clinical instructor, I have been able to introduce and incorporate this written work in the corresponding nursing theory course. Students get practice writing care plans and become familiar with the clinical paperwork in a more relaxed environment as this is for practice and not graded. In turn, students have made connections sooner and performed better at a sooner point in time than previous students.

Wellness Event

Marinette campus nursing students hold a wellness event while enrolled in a class titled, Health Promotion. Students work in pairs or trios to bring health related information to other students, as well as faculty an staff who attend the event. Topics are chosen from the Healthy People initiatives and are specific to young and middle age adults. It is a fun and highly engaging event where students work with a population that is different than they typically do as clinical usually is centered around disease processes. Examples of topics include: distracted & impaired driving, stress management, sleep, exercise, nutrition, smoking cessation, eye safety in the workplace, ergonomics, and the list goes on. It has been a great way to bring students together from many different programs.

Employability Skills Activity

During nursing clinical orientation my students completed an activity to explore and discuss the employability skills. Each student was given a worksheet which listed each skill followed by two corresponding rows: Do and Do Not. Students worked independently to provide examples of what to do and what not to do for each skill. Following this, the class regrouped and shared ideas. It was well received and excellent examples were provided. This was a fun and easy way to discuss the employability skills along with professionalism and role development in a highly engaging manner.