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This Just In: Current Events Engage Students!


In my Anatomy & Physiology courses, the content can be heavy and detail-oriented.  Additionally, many of the classes I taught took place in the late afternoon and evening, and most students had already worked a shift before class began.  For these reasons, I finally figured out a way to help my students “switch on” or open up to learning before I began a day’s lesson: Discovery of the Week!  Continue reading

Seriously!?! A Test EVERY Day?!?

Today Show Frequent Testing

Very early on in my teaching career, I realized the importance of helping my students develop study habits that promote success. The content I taught, anatomy and physiology, was very dense and did not lend itself well to “cramming” (although what content does?). I began giving students small quizzes every class meeting, covering the material I delivered the class period prior. Continue reading