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I invite small groups of 3 to 5 students to the simulation lab. I role play a student from an English class.  I tell the students my friend NOELLE (birthing simulator) was taking an exam and started feeling increase intensity in her contractions.  I then tell the students I toured the simulation lab last week and knew there was a patient bed for my friend to rest in until help arrived……this is were the small group of nursing students “jump” into action to help deliver the baby.

Expectations of the students:

  • Find out the student’s name, estimated due date, any health issues
  • Call EMS
  • Apply personal protective equipment (gloves, gown, eye protection)
  • Assist in delivery of the newborn
  • Clear infants airway and keep baby warm until EMS arrive

The activity takes about 15 minutes and the students LOVE it.



Simple way to review learning objectives in the classroom!

  • Have stack of notecards; have one card per student in your class.
  • Label one side of the notecard “Question” and the other side “Answer”
  • On a notecard write a question, on the “Question” side of the card; on a different card write the answer, on the “Answer” side of the card. Continue to write questions/answers until all cards are filled.
  • In the classroom:
    • Pass out all the cards
    • Have a student read their question, the student with the correct answer will answer the question; then flip their card and read their question.
    • Continue until all questions have been asked and answered!
    • If the students are struggling, I allow them to “phone a friend”