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Corequisite Remediation: Spanning the Completion Divide

Breakthrough Results Fulfilling The Promise
of College Access for Underprepared Students

Complete College America’s new report, Spanning the Divide Through Corequisite Remediation, presents new and exciting data from five states that have seen dramatic improvements in gateway course success rates in both math and English. These states have scaled a statewide approach to academic support in which students who would have been placed into remedial education are instead enrolled in a college-level math or English course with additional academic support provided as a corequisite.  The session will review the report’s findings and some exciting tools for states and institutions are that are committed to implementing corequisite support.

Cool Tools You Can Integrate With Blackboard Learn 9.1

Here is a link to an article from Behind The Scenes Technology that shares several “embeddable” items you can add to Blackboard Learn.  One caution: at least one these,, requires editing the embed code to use https:// rather than http:// for website references.

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