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Are you having a ball in class?

Do you teach a class or lab where student get a break?  I have found that very few students interacted with each other during break.  Instead I observed most were checking their phones or texting.  I wanted to encourage more interaction betwball tosseen classmates and less phone and computer time.  So I decided to bring in 3 cloth “soft” footballs for the students to toss to each other.  I announced to students that they could toss balls to each other only during break and only in my classroom.  After a week, most students were tossing the balls to each other and even some students were coming to class early just to “play catch”.  I have recently added an indoor corn toss game which is also very popular. As a result I have seen increased interaction between students and they seem more motivated to come to class and participate.

Effective Portfolio Assessment

Does your student’s portfolio fully showcase their skills and talents? There can be many approaches to building a portfolio and what to include in it.  I have found the more specific the requirements has sometimes resulted in less creative and less unique portfolios.  But without a guideline of what should be included and how one could be organized, students often feel lost and unsure of where to begin. In addition, if you require a portfolio for a class or a program you know how difficult it can be to assess.

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