Cool Visuals to Explain Summative and Formative Assessment

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the 2017 WTCS Assessment Conference.  One of the sessions I attended was Teachable Moments:  Formative Assessment for student Success by Dr. Nancy Chapko and Dr. Meg Hunter.  At this session they shared these two visuals which struck me as a great visual way to explain the difference between Summative and Formative Assessment.  In the ice climbing visual, Summative assessment is like the Summit and formative assessments are the foot holds that you help you reach the end result, the summit.

Don’t ask me any questions…..

Have you ever heard this from an instructor, professor, or boss? Well some of our students might have or feel this way when it comes to asking questions before, during or after class. We all know when it comes to asking questions, or concerns about an assignments, that the student is quite shy as they don’t want to bother us, or worst case scenario don’t want to feel STUPID…..Well the best way to assist with this process is with “Peer to Peer” mentoring or as I have titled this: M.A.P.S= “Motivating a Positive Success”

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Improving Course Success without Adding Content

As an instructor, I often feel that the end of a semester is both the most joyous and most disappointing time of the semester. I am able to reflect upon the positive achievements of those who have successfully completed my  course, but my mind tends to gravitate towards the students who were not successful. I find myself constantly thinking about what I could have done differently in the course and the measures I could implement that could positively impact student success. I have now concluded that it is not as much about changing the resources I am using to teach as much as how I am supporting students who are at risk of not being successful.

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Paw Patrol, Curious George and Mechanical Ventilation?

As a father of two, I have to confess that I use the electronic nanny (TV) nearly each morning as my wife and I are getting ready for the day. What I am amazed at is the fact that a 2 and 5 year old can remain interested and learn…even some fairly complex subject matter at times! I found my self wondering if cartoons could work for students too.

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Mindfulness: the doorway to balancing life, occupation, and purpose

“Mindfuless is the practice of aiming your attention, moment to moment, in the direction of your purpose – that which defines you, sustains you, and gives your life meaning, direction, and fulfillment.   It is called mindfulness because you have to keep your purpose in mind as you watch your attention. Then, whenever you notice that your aim has drifted off, you calmly realign it.” (Frank Andrews) Continue reading