Instructing a three hour science lecture means attention to breaks is imperative!  I have struggled with how to arrange breaks and also with guidelines for students on breaks.

After years of feeling breaks are “their free time”, I now set guidelines and remind students of our time limitations for  learning the material together.  I want breaks to refresh them!

Day one I discuss the brain’s need for oxygen and how blood flow makes that happen so exercise or at least stretching will help.   I also address phone distractions and have a policy that states phone use must be outside of our classroom.  (This is included in the syllabus.)   Now when I announce breaks I remind the class we need to stretch and move and be back at this specific time.   I try to write the time down as I usually have a student to talk with or some email to check too!  I try to role- model by moving in the room and taking a good break too.

Do some of you have guidelines for breaks?