Staying organized with student emails

herding cats

6, 7, 8, or more classes

24 or 32 students in each class

potentially 256 separate email identities landing in your in-box

How to organize them and know who belongs to what class?

Luckily, the Outlook email system allows for easy organization of student emails. Rather than having these separate emails in your inbox, you can direct Outlook to sort these emails into the proper class folder. This will save you time and allow you to address specific classes and students quickly.

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Teaching Students How to Read a Textbook


Many students come to our classrooms prepared to read textbooks, but many others do not. Since class survival often depends on a student’s ability to read the course material efficiently, I spend time early in the class teaching them how a textbook should be read and how this process differs from reading a novel, a newspaper story, a comic book, or something on the Internet. Continue reading

Make your Noon Appointment

Have you struggled making group work effective in class?  I know I have.  I have a group in one of my classes where one person participates and the rest may chat or pretend to be working.  So, here is something I learned at the Dream Conference in Orlando this year that I am going to try…

You have a 2:00 appt.

You have a 2:00 appt.

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