Life Value

I value life. I was that kid who opened the jar when my brother had managed to capture a bee (or snake, bird, raccoon, girlfriend…).

Although I suggested to those who asked, that my choice to pursue a career in corrections was a practical one (job security, benefits, no foreign language requirement); I actually chose it because I believed that I could improve the lives of other people. I could reduce victimization. I could save people from brutal torture, rape, and murder.  I wanted to open the jar.

I got my wish. Every day, I kept people safe. One day, someone I admired at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay, Wisconsin convinced me that I could keep many more people safe by training up the next batch of correctional professionals. She said, “We can teach you how to teach.” And, here we are, twenty years later, and I am still learning how to teach. Continue reading

On Campus Involvement

Last week during Spring Break I was enrolled in Living Inclusively. There was so much that I got out of the class about my own experiences and influence. One thing that I was better about when I first started at NWTC but have not been making the time to do lately is keeping current with what is happening on campus in terms of events and clubs. We had a panel of staff that represent student organizations and a panel of international students during the week and we came up with some strategies for how to help increase awareness and participation on campus. Here are a few ideas (most came from my classmates or the panelists so I do not take full credit):

  • Share a link to student organizations in your syllabus and on Blackboard. Pull it up on the first day of class while going through the syllabus. (
  • Give general encouragement to students to participate in clubs and organizations and point out the benefits.
  • Share a link to the event calendar in your syllabus and on Blackboard. Pull it up on a regular basis at the beginning of class. (
  • Bring the student planner with you to class to reference some of the events that are going on.
  • Bring your class to an event when applicable or make it a class requirement or give extra credit for attending an event. It may be best to have the students write a summary and reflection to be sure they are fully engaging in the event and reflect on the experience afterwards.
  • Invite some of the international students to your class when applicable.

These are just a few ideas that I and the class discussed. Please share any other ideas you have used or want to try.